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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Short Notes – November 2008


It is hard to believe that gasoline prices, which peaked at nearly $4.20 in southeastern Pennsylvania earlier this spring, are heading lower and are now approaching the $2.00/gallon threshold. Be still, my heart! Although the price is declining like the rest of the economy, I think this downward slide blows more holes in the oil company executives argument that the price spike was all due to supply and demand.

I know that American drivers changed their habits and have been buying less gas, but I doubt that we have cut our consumption enough to justify a nearly $2.00 drop. Would those same oil company executives now have us believe that the demand for gas dropped world-wide? Are they now expecting us to think that all those new customers in China and India suddenly lost their passion for the horseless carriage, and went back to their oxen and yak-driven carts and bicycles?

I would find this very hard to believe if it was the case. My personal feelings are that the gasoline prices jumped to record prices this year because of supply, demand, and as much greed as the market could bear. Naturally, we’ll never hear the oil companies admit that.


Yesterday, the President and Laura Bush invited Barack and Michelle Obama to the White House to facilitate a smooth transition between their administrations. From all reports, all went well between the President and Barack in the Oval Office; the White House even released a photo of them chatting away all nice and cozy. A similar photo of the ladies talking in the private residence was also released to the media.

Once again, in a year of unprecedented events, we have what I believe is a political first: an incumbent, lame duck President having his successor from the opposing party over for a talk. For example, I don’t recall W's parents showing the Clintons around then White House. Naturally, I’m skeptical as to Bush’s real motives for the invite.

For example, Obama’s people are already compiling a list of Bush’s executive orders that they will overturn after the inauguration. Could Bush have been all smiles with friendly slaps on the back to Barack - all the while knowing that his staff was pushing through more policies weakening environmental, economic, and abortion policies - and thus create more work for Barack’s staff in January? The President is going to be sneaky to the very end! I can only speculate.

Official reports state that the two men talked about the economy and the wars in the Mideast. I have to wonder what happened un-officially. Did Obama ask the President to hold one end of a measuring tape while he measured the windows for new Oval Office curtains, as per Michelle’s request? Did W plead with Obama to grant him safe passage out of Washington on Inauguration Day? Will we have to set up an underground railroad just so President Bush can return safely to Texas? (That last sentence is an example of historical irony. Enjoy!)

What we do know is that there were no embarrassing faux pas between Obama and Barney, the Bush dog. As you may have heard, Barney, finally fed up with the liberal media, nipped a White House reporter last week. Even though Barney wrote a paw-written note of regret to the reporter, the Bush family will need to keep an eye on their pet. As any pet owner can tell you, once a conservative dog gets a taste of liberal meat, then there’s no going back to Kal-Kan.


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