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Friday, March 30, 2007

Party Postponement

There has been some noise made in the media this year about how March Madness drains worker productivity. It appears that many tasks come to a standstill as people watch, chart, debate and cheer on the college basketball championships. What if the situation were reversed and it was March Madness that had to work around another event. Thus, my open letter.

To Whom It May Concern on the Executive Committee of the NCAA:

Good afternoon all.

I realize that you must be terribly busy this weekend what with the sweet sixteen paring down to the elite eight or whatever in college basketball, but I was wondering if you could postpone this weekend’s activities. Here’s my dilemma.

A friend of mine was going to have a party while the Final Four of college basketball was playing. There would have been food, beverages (soft and otherwise), two or three televisions on hand to watch the games, and live entertainment between games. A great time was promised for all.

Well, there has been a glitch with the live entertainment portion of the festivities: one of the female wrestlers came down with the flu. The party had to be cancelled, but I was wondering if you could possibly postpone the games that would have been played until we can reschedule the party.

I realize that this is a big request what with players, coaches, college officials, and fans already in their respective cities for the their games. I hope it won’t be too much trouble to call them all back to their homes and reschedule the games for a later date.

I’ll let you know when we reschedule the party. Thanks!

Or, maybe not.


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