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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why I Didn’t Vote for Hillary – Part 2

I hope I’ve made it clear why the more popular reasons not to vote for Hillary Clinton don’t apply to me. I didn’t vote for Obama because Hillary is a girl or because Obama is African-American. Simply put, I don’t believe Hillary is a viable candidate in this election.

First, there is the feeling that a vote for her would just be exchanging one political dynasty (the Bushes) for another (the Clintons). Now this is one area in which I do put some stock. Once we get stuck into this rut, who can say how long it would go on. If Hillary won the presidency for 4-8 years, then wouldn’t Jeb Bush feel it’s his right to occupy the White House? He could step forward and say, “Hey, it’s my turn now,” and he’d be right.

Bush I was lackluster, Bush II was a disaster, and then a third Bush should be given a chance to govern? I don’t think so. Besides, such a situation would put a crimp in my suggestion for a Constitutional amendment barring anyone with the last name of Bush from running for high office. Okay, I realize my idea is discriminatory as all hell, but as a liberal I can dream, can’t I?

Anyway, back to unviable Hillary. My main reason for not voting for Hillary is the vast right-wing conspiracy. Many people dismissed it as a figment of her imagination - and I don’t believe that it was organized enough to qualify as a conspiracy - but I can appreciate why she would think it was a huge plot against her and Bill. We have yet to find a smoking gun memo between Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich detailing a specific plan, but there were many elements in America working against the Clinton administration.

One element was Kenneth Starr, the so-called independent counsel. He tried every tactic imaginable to bring the Clintons to trial for the Whitewater scandal. He only succeeded later when the Monica Lewinsky affair fell into his lap.

Then there was the right wing media led by the aforementioned Limbaugh. He labeled the Clinton administration the “Raw Deal”, referencing Democratic icon Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal” policies. Another contributor was televangelist Jerry Falwell, who offered racy video documentaries about the Clintons to anyone who sent money to his “Old Time Gospel Hour.” God? Jesus? Forget them, but here’s some juicy stuff on the President and thank you for your monetary offering.

With all these people working against them, it’s no wonder Hillary thought there was a conspiracy. This is what makes Hillary unelectable. A Clinton candidacy would have allowed these elements to rear their ugly heads again, and martial enough support to elect John McCain president. Hillary as the Democratic candidate would have been a gift to the GOP. The White House would have been neatly wrapped up with a bow on top for the Republican Party.

After eight years of lying to get us to war, constitutional abuses, and overall gross incompetence, the last thing I want to give the Republican Party is a token of my esteem.


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