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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Paris Hilton – Leader of the Free World

Recently, I noted that the John McCain campaign was running a television spot comparing Barack Obama’s popularity to pop culture icon Britney Spears. The ads, arguing that Obama may be popular while questioning his ability to lead, kicked up a lot of controversy and backlash against McCain. Critics rightly derided the ads as not having anything to do with the issues. Despite this minor objection, the McCain campaign is continuing to run the ads.

I forgot to mention that the image of another pop diva, Paris Hilton, was also used in the spot. Hilton is certainly glamorous, but at the moment I can’t think of anything she does to contribute to society. Cosmetics? Fashions? I can’t explain her notoriety other than to say she exists, therefore she is popular.

Anyway, Paris is not taking McCain’s use of her image lying down. She has produced her own video on the Internet with the help of a few comedy writers. In the video, Paris thanks McCain for his “endorsement”, and while she has our undivided attention, she offers her solution to the gasoline crisis.

Hilton suggests an answer that lies between McCain’s support for more offshore drilling and nuclear power and Obama’s no offshore drilling with development of alternate energy sources. Her solution: limited offshore drilling with strict environmental oversight (!) and economic incentives to develop other fuel sources. This is known as a compromise, which was quite common in Washington years ago, but is hardly ever practiced today.

Now I’m scared, because her solution sounds more viable than those offered by the actual candidates. Have we had such a dearth of leadership in this country in recent years that an idea offered by a young woman with no political experience or ambitions is worth serious consideration? The answer to this question is, obviously, yes!

Her ideas are not flawless. Who should watch the oil industry for environmental violations? The EPA – the government agency that has been wearing rose-tinted glasses for the last seven years? Or does she suggest that the industry police itself, just like the food packing industry watched out for tainted beef and tomatoes? Please, don’t make me laugh myself to near death...again!

Hilton’s Internet answer was intended as a joke...I think. John McCain now insists that his original ad was also meant to be a joke. Ha, ha, funny man! A word of advice for you, grandpa: go back to legislating and leave satire to the those cover artists for The New Yorker magazine.

(Britney Spears did not approve this message!)


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