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Friday, August 01, 2008

Short Notes – August 2008


The day after I wrote about the loopy tactic of giving one man credit/blame for any accomplishment that is really the work of many people, Senator John McCain gave President Bush total credit for the recent downturn in oil prices. McCain asserted Bush’s mere act of lifting the executive order banning off shore oil drilling was enough to scare the market forces. Never mind that it really takes an act of Congress to lift the ban and that no one is rushing to build any platforms just yet.

Okay, if this is the way Grandpa wants to play it, then far be it from me to disrespect the wishes of my elders. We shall abide by his work and apply it to his own history by blaming him for losing Vietnam. How could you let that national trauma happen, Mr. McCain? I’ve heard your stories about being a prisoner of war and blah, blah, blah. That’s no excuse! If we are to assign blame for every catastrophe/triumph to just one man, than we can condemn you for single-handedly losing the war in Vietnam. Meanwhile...


The 2008 presidential campaign is heating up on the nation’s airwaves, and McCain’s ads are reviving the old conservative chestnuts of blaming liberals for higher taxes. Why can’t he come up with something original? McCain also claims that he will not raise taxes, which given the record deficit (thank you again, George W.) is something no one can promise. In this regard, Grandpa is either lying or delusional. I can’t speak for the rest of the country, but I’ve seen enough delusional leadership in the last seven years to last me a lifetime.

Another McCain commercial compares Obama’s popularity with the voters to the popularity of Britney Spears. The commercials concede that yes, he’s popular, but can he be a leader? Well, the Germans like him...oh, right, even though they turned out 200,000 strong with enthusiasm, the Germans can’t vote for Obama because they are, well, you know, Germans! Damn voter registration laws!

Honestly, I think someone is jealous of all the attention Obama is getting. Yo, McCain, you’re running for President of the United States, not prom queen! If that is the case then I’ll gladly vote for Britney.

Obama’s ads also come up a bit short. The Obama campaign is responding to McCain’s ads with quotes that the Republican campaign is “lying” and “misrepresenting” Obama’s message. Ooh, yeah, I’ll bet McCain is running scared now!


The Bennigan's/Steak and Ale restaurant chain filed for bankruptcy with intent to liquidate all of its assets this week. The chain, which featured an Irish slanted menu, closed its doors in the middle of the week. I enjoyed some good meals at these restaurants over the years; my favorite was their Monte Cristo sandwich. This was a ham and cheese between two slices of French bread that was then deep fried and served with a small dollop of raspberry jam. My taste buds will miss this treat, even though my arteries won’t.


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