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Friday, October 31, 2008

Creating Intolerance for the Right Wing Out of Nothing At All

An incredible Internet posting from the Focus on the Family Action Group purports to give conservative Christians an idea what an Obama presidency will mean to America in the year 2012. In “Letter from 2012 in Obama’s America”, a Christian writes to tell us here today how Obama’s Supreme Court picks have influenced American policy. As you may have guessed, the letter predicts a liberal leaning Supreme Court once several justice retirements force Obama to replace them.

The letter states that gay marriage would exist in every state, and that the Boy Scouts would choose to disband rather than allow gay scout leaders to sleep with young boys on camping trips as mandated by the Supreme Court. Abortion rights would also become stronger in an Obama presidency. Actually, the letter portrays the new liberal leaning court as the main culprit and Obama as just a bystander who acts powerless against their decisions.

WTF??!! The posting doesn’t mention God or Jesus or any other religious icon that inspires conservative Christians to get them through these fictionalized times. It’s nothing but fear, fear, fear, and more fear. It appears to be a desperate attempt to create intolerance for the left wing out of nothing at all. Well, why should they have all the fun? We can do the same for the right wing conservatives!

Let’s make some daring, outlandish predictions of our own. We can start with the same premise that a right wing victory will determine the direction of the Supreme Court in the next generation. Therefore, we will propose that an extreme right wing Supreme Court will not only overturn Roe vs. Wade, but oversee a legislative environment where abortion is outlawed by an amendment to the Constitution. Women, it is no coincidence that I am posting this entry on Halloween. The outlawing of abortion — while done with sincere intentions — could result in more problems for the country than it is worth.

Let’s look at the lessons from Prohibition. Liquor was outlawed and the industry was driven underground, where it was taken over by the criminal element. There, money and control of the industry through violence became the dominant concerns. Quality control of the product? Aw, if a few of our customers die from our poison, so what? A few innocents die on the streets of America while we fight with our rivals for control of our market share? So what?

The same could happen to abortion. Women will die when the procedure is performed in less than ideal conditions by less than qualified individuals. Those who are willing to break one part of the law probably won’t have any qualms about committing murder to preserve their bottom line.

An extreme right wing government will also most likely erase the line between church and state, creating an environment where only evangelical Christianity is tolerated and other religions aren’t. Actually, this is not as far-fetched as it sounds. Check out Bruce Wilson’s article, “Sarah Palin Linked to Second ‘Witch Hunter’", on The Huffington Post, October 24, 2008. The article indirectly links the Republican vice presidential candidate to a religious cult composed of “spiritual warriors” who (it is feared) may resort to violence to cast out demons (i.e., Catholics, Jews, Muslims, etc.) from America. Even the Southern Poverty Law Center has raised red flags about this New Apostolic Reformation theology group, Joel’s Army.

These divisive, fear mongering tactics are exactly what Barack Obama has been railing against. It’s time to put the fear behind us, and allow the country to move on to more prosperous times. In the spirit of the season, let me conclude with one word: Boo!


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