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Monday, March 02, 2009

The GOP in the Wilderness

A most amazing thing has happened to the Republican Party during the last few weeks: they recovered from their eight year long bout of amnesia and remembered that they are the fiscal conservatives for the United States. Funny, but it seems like they were acting like liberal Democrats spending taxpayer’s money under the Bush Regime.

Now that the other side won the election last November, they suddenly realized that, “Oh my God, the national debt is spiraling out of control. Somebody should do something about it!” Well, somebody did do something about it: the American voter elected another set of leaders who will do the job that the Republican-dominated Congress failed to do.

The GOP has been heating up its rhetoric towards the Obama administration and, in particular, Obama’s stimulus package. This is not a surprise and, honestly, not totally unexpected, given the fact that they are a whiny bunch of sore losers, I mean, fiscal conservatives. Their intentions are good, but it’s just a shame that they didn’t think about this seven years ago when they were in a better position to do something about the soaring deficit spending.

One such GOP leader with scornful words was Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who has been widely regarded as a front runner for the White House 2012. He had the unenviable task of giving the Republican response to President Obama’s speech to Congress last week. News reports summarized his remarks categorizing the President’s economic policy as heading in the wrong direction. In other words, too much pork and not enough tax cuts.

My initial reaction to Jindal’s speech was, “Bobby wants a cracker?”

Yes, the GOP leadership now sounds like a bunch of parrots being spoon fed lines from somebody (Karl Rove, possibly; Rush Limbaugh, very likely) touting the same old tired policies of tax cuts and banking deregulation that is now sinking our economy. It doesn’t matter to me if the spirit of deregulation started under Clinton. My point is the GOP had eight years to stop it, and chose to look away while lenders ran amuck. Governor, did you get the memo about the recession?

The reports stated that Jindal boasted that these same policies are working in Louisiana. Oh really? Is New Orleans no longer part of the state? Oh, it is still part of Louisiana. And has the Ninth Ward fully recovered, with all the houses rebuilt and all of its previous residents moved back into their new homes? Governor Jindal, did you get the memo about Hurricane Katrina?

Once again, the GOP appears to be out of touch with reality. Jindal does look promising to be a national leader, particularly if you consider the viability of his closest rival, the Moose Hunter. Unfortunately, he’s standing by the same old tired rhetoric that most voters have tuned out. Bobby Jindal could have the potential to lead the GOP out of the wilderness, but he may need to be converted, a la maverick John McCain, to get the job done.

Seriously, I’ll ask this question again, “Did you guys get the memo about the recession?”


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