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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Teachable Moments over a Beer

Some readers have probably been wondering if I would ever comment on President Obama’s faux pas about the controversial arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. by white police officer James Crowley. Well, wait no longer!

Now that more information has been released about the incident, it is a good time as any to comment intelligently about it. As opposed to last week when people started weighing in before they knew all the facts...not that I will mention any names. Anyway, now we can tally up all of the damages caused by the incident.

THE ACTION: an angry tirade on racial profiling directed at a police officer already well versed in the subject?

THE COST: handcuffed in your own home with a charge of disorderly conduct!

THE ACTION: losing your professional cool against an accusation of racism when you arrest a distinguished African-American on a charge of disorderly conduct in his own home?

THE COST: widespread condemnation and demonization of yourself and your fellow police officers in the media!

THE ACTION: answering a question about this incident before you know all the facts, and considering the question is from a reporter working for a television network hostile to everything you do?

THE COST: widespread condemnation and demonization by the media, loss of stature in popularity polls, and heightened hostility towards your health care reform plans!

THE ACTION: inviting an old friend, the distinguished African-American gentleman arrested for disorderly conduct in his own home, and a new friend — the white police officer who arrested your old friend in his own home — to your house for a beer?

THE COST: priceless!

For everything else there is...

THE COST: plenty of opportunities for “teachable moments” in “post racial” America!

(Thank you for reading! Please raise a glass in the name of tolerance!)


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