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Friday, October 09, 2009

Bad Ideas for Reality Television

A short list of reality show ideas that should be rejected.

1. On The Appalachian Trail with Mark Sanford

2. Unemployed Father At Home with Todd Palin

3. Talk Show Hosts Gone Wild with David Letterman

4. Espousing Conservative Family Values Away From the Family with Sarah Palin

5. On Our Own with the Gosselin Eight

6. I Escaped the Palin Family with Levi Johnston

7. Jon and Hailey and Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice and Anything Else That Walks in High Heels, but Not Kate

8. I Am God with Rush Limbaugh

9. A Shot at Love with Tia Tequila and Kate Plus Eight

(Thank you for reading. Please remember television is the fantasy and your life is the reality.)


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