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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Moammar, How Do We Spell You? Let Us Count the Ways

A few news organizations last week published the information that there are over 100 different ways to spell Moammar Gadhafi’s surname. It’s a pity that no one can agree on how to spell his name, particularly since he is having a life-changing crisis at the moment. The idea that we can’t give him the respect which he has worked hard to attain over the years should be highly insulting and offensive.

Oh well, Moammar, no one cares about your feelings anymore. Deal with it!

Herewith the most popular spellings of his name as printed, spoken, shouted or hailed by his critics. Please keep in mind no matter how his name is spelled below, his name is always pronounced (phonetically) “ka-da-fee”:

1. Moammar Gadhafi
2. Desert Dork
3. Moammar Gadafi
4. Arabian Asshole
5. Moammar Ghadaffi
6. Dune Dickwad
7. Moammar Gaddafi
8. Sheik Shithole
9. Sarah Palin

(Thank you for reading! It’s March! The Sarah Palin diet is over! Welcome back, Sarah! We missed you!)


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