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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Immigrant’s Song

A key provision of the immigration bill passed by the House calls for anyone who helps illegal aliens entering the country to be charged with a felony. So far, cooler heads in the Senate have prevailed, but the provision is far from dead. Still, it got me thinking about the implications of the law if it passes. I keep asking myself, "Have they really thought this idea through?"

Let's say the bill passes as is and becomes law. So now, suddenly, smugglers, small business owners, farmers, and church groups all become public enemy number one. They are caught aiding illegal immigrants, prosecuted, and sent to prison. Where is the money to pay for the prosecutors and the prisons coming from that we will need to carry out this new law? Remember, ladies and gentlemen of Congress, you cut taxes like conservatives (but spend and borrow like liberals) giving us a huge deficit. Consequently, we won't have the resources to make the law truly effective. Why create this economic headache now?

Also, there are a number of citizen militias gathering along the southwest border of the United States. Their leaders say that they are only there to patrol the borders, pointing out illegals to the INS, not to get involved in a firefight. Local law officials don't believe them, and I wonder if this new law won't embolden them to use excessive force on illegals. These groups could point to the law as a mandate of their mission. The result could cause a border war to break out.

Oh and ladies and gentlemen of Congress, do you remember 'Nannygate'? Are you sure this new law won't hit too close to home? Are you absolutely sure that the gardener you hired last summer has all of his papers in order? Could you become a felon, because you were trying to help someone get established in this country?

Did you really think this idea through? Remember, compromise and let this provision go by the wayside. Your gardener/nanny will be mucho grateful.


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