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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Bush Dynasty III

NARRATOR: It’s coming!

(Sound of thunder. Lightning flashes! Music: screeching strings build to crescendo.)

NARRATOR: From the people who brought you George H.W. and George W., comes the terrifying sequel no one has been waiting for!

(Hysterical screaming from a liberal woman.)

NARRATOR: Bush I told the tale of ambition short-circuited by a no-tax pledge gone awry. Bush II was the incredible saga of a principled leader who didn’t listen to reason or common sense. The story continues in “Bush III: Jeb Rising!”

(Hysterical screaming from a liberal man.)

NARRATOR: Non-stop terror, plunging polls, dashed international reputations!
Co-starring Karl Rove as the Mad Scientist...

MAD SCIENTIST: It can be done! We’ve done it three times before, we can do it again! We can put Jeb in the White House!

NARRATOR: ...and Dick Cheney as the hunchback assistant...

HUNCHBACK ASSISTANT: Jeb? In the White House? Hmmm...I guess I can see that in a weird Billy Carter type way.

NARRATOR: ...with Barbra Streisand, Tom Hanks, and Richard Dreyfuss as themselves...

STREISAND, HANKS, and DREYFUSS: (Unison) Who do you people think you are? The Kennedys!?!

(More thunder, more lightning, more hysterical screaming, more strings!)

NARRATOR: Coming soon to a horror/schlock fest near you...or maybe the White House if you let them! (Diabolical laughter up and fade.)


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