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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rev. Al and Mr. Hyde

A few months ago, at the height of the Don Imus controversy, I criticized Rev. Al Sharpton for not going after the misogynistic rap record industry as vigorously as he went after white, multi-millionaire disc jockeys that voiced a racist comment over the airwaves. Several other black activists noted that Sharpton had criticized the rap industry in the past in the wake of the Imus affair. Fine, I thought, but I’ve never heard about it covered in the mainstream media.

Recently, Rev. Sharpton yelled his criticisms loud enough for the mainstream media and I to hear it. This is very good; it proves that he is sincere at making lives better for everyone. It proves that he is more than just an opportunist trying to stroke his own ego. Upon hearing this news item, I resolved to publicly apologize to Rev. Sharpton for doubting his motives.

This era of forgiveness and warm, fuzzy feelings lasted exactly one day!

More recently, Rev. Sharpton has been quoted as telling people that if you believe in God, you won’t vote for Mitt Romney because he is a Mormon. So much for tolerance of all people regardless of their religious beliefs, let alone the color of their skin. You see, Reverend, these two concepts go hand-in-hand for many of us who cherish a tolerant society.

Now, let’s see, how should we as a freedom-loving society react to this? Hmm...there is a precedent for people spouting off inappropriate material on the radio. Okay, I’ve got it.

The following should happen as a result of Rev. Sharpton’s comment: groups of white multi-millionaire disc jockeys and their supporters should picket Sharpton’s radio station and the corporate headquarters of his sponsors. This will convince his sponsors to pull out, leaving Sharpton with no support for his show and he will be fired.

Instead the following has happened since the Rev. Sharpton made these intolerant remarks at a Democratic presidential debate: no pickets have been sighted, no sponsorships have been pulled, and no one has been fired. Worse still, the mainstream media has ignored this story with the exception of an isolated television and radio item. Where did all the media outrage that was aimed at Don Imus go? Are the media tired? Do they need to take a breath or two? Oh, right, Paris Hilton’s efforts to get out of serving a 45 day jail sentence is way more important than some bigoted comment made by a radio personality and aspiring presidential candidate! Other than that, it was a rather dull news month for the country in May.

In all fairness, one isolated news item mentioned in passing that Rev. Sharpton had spoken to leaders of the Mormon Church and that all parties were satisfied. What a shame that Imus couldn’t have been extended the same courtesy after his public mea culpa! Sharpton still has his radio gig, but you have to wonder where his Mr. Hyde persona will strike next.


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