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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Blog Entry #200: The Story So Far

(Cue John Williams classic science fiction score)

And it came to pass that the Empire leadership had low approval ratings, but that did not stop them from grasping for more power.

Darth Rove returned to his home planet of Texas, leaving Darth Cheney behind to calculate massive oil profits for his cronies once the mideast is further de-stabilized by an invasion of Iran.

Meanwhile, Princess Condi attempts to broker a peace between the warring countries and still keep an appointment with her orthodontist to get that annoying gap in her teeth filled.

Meanwhile the Rebel Alliance is threatened by bitter infighting between the various wings of the Democratic Party. The heir apparent, Hillary, is bothered by her past support of the war in Iraq and the fact that many people find her obnoxious.

Meanwhile, Anakin W. sits in the Oval Office and puts two pieces of paper together with a paper clip because he believes it is a nifty idea.

Meanwhile poor children cannot get health insurance, bridges are falling into rivers, and the middle class sinks deeper into poverty and gas prices keep rising. Yet, we are the lucky ones to be living in this country at this time in history.

To be continued...

(Music out)


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