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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Second Blogiversary

Twenty-four months and two hundred and eighteen entries ago, I began this blog as an exercise in satirical commentary and (sometimes) rhetorical criticism. The last few years have been trying financially and physically. However, artistically I have never been happier than when I am writing these entries. I may not be making money from it now, but perhaps someday this will change.

In any event, I want to take this opportunity to reflect back on these last two years. I have reviewed my blog notes and found a common thread for many of them. I have to conclude that some of my ideas are very strange, perhaps bordering on the weird.

For example, I have proposed replacing the Statue of Liberty with the snarling likeness of Lou Dobbs, in keeping with this country’s attitudes towards immigrants. Then there was my idea to organize people who cough in public into a professional organization, perhaps a union. The general public has (fortunately) ignored these ideas so far. Still, I hope that they put a smile on your face as you read them.

Then there have been my many criticisms of the Bush administration. I promise you that the coming year will see more satirical jabs at W, because our time with him as our leader is drawing to a close. By my calendar estimate, we have only 12 months and 11 days before George W. Bush becomes an average citizen again, irrelevant to the day-to-day lives of us Americans and, for that matter, the rest of the world. Wow, that felt good to write that last sentence!

I can only imagine what you, my readers, must think of me. It’s okay, think what you will. This is, after all, still a free country. I’m sure you’re left with several questions. Questions such as, where do I get these weird ideas? Will there be more strangeness in my future entries? And, of course, is “blogiversary” a real word? I will leave these questions hanging in mid-air...for now.

I must not miss this chance to thank my readers for checking out my blog. There are not many of you, but we make up in quality what we don’t have in quantity. Thanks to all of you all over the world: Liverpool, Beijing, Dubai, Norway, Italy and Singapore, among others. I should also give thanks to my domestic audience: Brooklyn, Minneapolis, Texas, Danville (PA), Washington, the Pacific Northwest, and many others I have forgotten at the moment. Thank you also to those of you who have left comments on my blog: Sally, Damon, nomad, rosetintedglasses, KOARC, and my Mom. I am grateful for all your thoughts.

In the coming year, I hope my thoughts will continue to entertain all of you. I will also vow to use my blog for good, and not evil. In other words, put a Democrat into the White House regardless of who he (or she) is. I can’t stress this enough: in 12 months and 11 days George W. Bush will no longer be the decider of the free world.

Gee, it felt so good to write that the first time that I just had to repeat it. Thank you all and please come again soon!


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