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Friday, February 01, 2008

“Super” and “Bowl” and “Britney”

Welcome! Come on in; it’s nice to see you here. I am honored that you have chosen to read my blog! Of all the 23 million or so blogs in the world, you happen to walk into this one. Please keep reading before your finger double clicks your mouse to exit. In fact, take your finger off the mouse and stay awhile.

Now I know you probably came here expecting to see some sort of rumination about the Super Bowl this weekend, since I had the audacity to put those words in my title. Well, I guess I should confess now. I only used the words “super” and “bowl” to lure readers to my blog. I figure these words will be highly googled during the next few days, and I am curious as to how many readers I can trap, I mean snare, I mean invite in for a few moments.

All right, so maybe it is a lame attempt to boost readership, but I wouldn’t be the first one to try a cheap stunt like this. William Randolph Hearst would manipulate public opinion to start a war just to sell more newspapers. I consider that a very despicable, yet clever, practice.

Honestly, I could care less about the Super Bowl. The one team for whom I would root (Philadelphia Phillies) is once again not playing in the championship, so I don’t give a damn. I know it will be a contest between the New England Patriots, who have a perfect 18-0 record for the season, and the New York Giants. A win in the Super Bowl would cap off the Patriots season very nicely. Then again, there was that videotaping incident earlier in the season that blemished an otherwise flawless performance by the team, which makes me wish that the Giants could rip the faces off the Patriots. The Patriots will probably take the game, but the winner should, no I’ve used the ‘Little-Miss-Sunshine-should-win’ punch line too many times already, so I won’t resort to it here.

I doubt that I’ll even tune into the game. If I did watch, it would only be for the commercials and the half-time show. The main feature of the show this year will be classic rockers Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. We should note here that Petty and his band were not the original choice for half time. Fortunately, cooler heads in the NFL prevailed and nixed the idea of a half-time show comprised of a two act mini operetta entitled “Britney’s Intervention.”

Oops, I did it again! I carelessly dropped another popular Internet subject into my text just to lure unsuspecting Britney fans to my blog. I am very sorry if you feel that I have brought you here under false, yet ingenious, circumstances.

I feel so ashamed that I think I’ll end this entry here. I hope you enjoyed the short time we had together. Please feel free to click off anytime now, and please come back soon.


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