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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Bowl Karma

Another Super Bowl is now history. May the hype and hoopla die a quick, ugly death. The game itself should be remembered for many years for being close and its highly dramatic finish.

I’m sorry I missed it, but (as I stated in my last posting) I had only a casual interest in the whole affair. Besides, I went to bed at the obscenely early hour of 7:00PM in an effort to recover from my second sinus infection of the season.

I was truly ambivalent about the outcome; I could see a silver lining no matter who won. If the Patriots had won, then it would’ve been a wonderful way to end a perfect season. Unfortunately for them, the Giants pulled a last minute (literally) trick out of their hats and emerged victorious. This was another great example of an American underdog coming out on top.

I’m sure the finger pointing has gone on all day throughout New England. Some will say that the Patriots defense crumbled. Others will blame the offense, or give credit to the New York Giants offense at the end. All these arguments could be true, but we must not overlook the influence of Divine Providence.

Yes, I believe that it was karma at work, or as the old expression goes, “What goes around, comes around.” Of course, I’m referring to the controversy earlier in the season when the Patriots coach, Bill Belichick, was caught taping the signals of the New York Jets during their game with New England. Oh sure, Belichick was caught and fined, the team was fined, and the franchise lost a draft pick. They should have also forfeited any games in which they were caught cheating, but the league stopped short of that action.

Unfortunately, the New England Patriots and their fans were so caught up in the hype that they couldn’t imagine a team going this far and losing the final game. (As a fan of the Philadelphia sports teams, I can empathize; I feel your pain.) To be fair, there were probably no signs that doom was approaching: no locusts descending on the Massachusetts countryside, no inexplicable tidal wave swallowing the Maine coastline, and certainly no sightings of a gigantic apparition of Bea Arthur shaking a finger and shouting, “God will get you for that!”

The lesson here is that no one is totally perfect. This reminds me of a story my father told me when he attended Catholic school. He needed good grades to stay in the school band, and he did well in all subjects, but one priest refused to give him the “A” he earned because there was only one perfect being and that one was crucified at the cross. While we can agree with this doctrine or note that perhaps this priest had taken a few too many trips to the wine cellar, we should use the lesson to, philosophically, get over life’s little disappointments.

So, New England, take heart. The Great Referee in the Sky has decreed that you got what you deserved. Still, your team had a great season and stood up to a formidable enemy. As for my crack about the priest and the wine, I know, I don’t have to rub it in, Bea. I’m sure God will get me for that.


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