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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ambiguous Arrogance

Quiz time, everyone! Multiple choice. Ready?

The word “so” is:
a. A homonym for the act of joining two fabrics together;
b. The title of a Peter Gabriel album;
c. The official Bush administration response to objections over the war in Iraq;
d. All of the above.

The correct answer is “d”, but since we thrive on bashing the current administration, we are most concerned with answer “c”. Vice President Cheney was asked last week about the American public’s low opinion of the Iraq war: two-thirds of those polled now oppose the war.

The war is less popular than ever before with 4,000 casualties and billions of dollars of war debt piling up. Cheney responded – with his typical infinite arrogance - “So?” As in “So why should I care what other people think?”

Thank you very much, Mr. Vice-President! We always knew you possessed a “I don’t give a damn” attitude to public opinion polls, but this response takes your pomposity to new heights.

Still, I have an extremely grudging admiration for the way in which you’ve become the most powerful vice president in history. You’ve even convinced us that the First Cowpoke in the Oval Office is officially in charge. The sad irony of all this is that he believes it himself. When are you planning on telling him the truth?

You’ve certainly set the tone for all political discourse in the foreseeable future! You see that your favorite expression works on both sides of the aisle. If things go well for the Democrats in November, then this time next year they’ll be able to use the same phrase on your concerns.

The Bush tax cuts have expired and you’re using the proceeds to benefit the common good!


But those of us making over $250,000 per year don’t want to finance infrastructure repair!


And you’re making healthcare affordable for all Americans!


And you’re building up a surplus for emergency expenses like natural disasters and unforeseen attacks by the terrorists!


Thus, the word “so” is truly a versatile term. Mr. Cheney, choose your next words carefully. You and your cronies may have to swallow their bitterness after the next election.


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