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Friday, January 09, 2009

My Third Blogiversary

Today marks the third anniversary that I started these ramblings. The past three years have been good years overall for me personally — not counting the major surgery I had last September. If nothing else, I have established a writing habit for myself. Preparing and publishing two essays a week every week has been a challenge and an opportunity which I hope will continue for years to come.

In the last few years, I have given a lot of thought to my writings, even to the point of changing the blog name to something that more accurately reflected its content. I though about such names as or, but I realized that these names would have narrowed my blog’s focus too much. Besides, both of those names will now become obsolete in a matter of days.

My, that felt very good to write that last sentence!

Speaking of the future, it’s time to move forward. It is still the beginning of a new year and, like many other people, I should make a promise to myself to improve my life. Naturally, losing weight is at the top of my “to do” list. I may actually get outside help this year from some organization like Weight Watchers, but not tonight. I am enjoying a bottle of Miller Lite as I write this sentence....

I also resolve to be more assertive, without being aggressive or obnoxious this year. Some people would say I have had the obnoxious part down pat for years, but I will just smile graciously and nod in agreement to such criticism. I am what I am, despite the few tweaks I am setting down for my life.

By being more assertive, I mean that I will work to be more self confident about myself and my capabilities. To that end, I will set a goal to set myself up as an independent contractor for voiceover work by the end of May. This means filling out a lot of forms for tax purposes and registering with a variety of state agencies, but it will have to be done. I just have to find the time to do it....

Another aspect of my new assertiveness will be to act more forcefully — but tactfully — with people who annoy me. I must not be fearful of voicing my opinion when it runs counter to the other person’s point of view. This is an acceptable form of being assertive. On the other hand, I could adopt the Arab cultural tradition of throwing shoes at annoying people. It is very tempting....

As always, I should thank many people for my blog’s success. Thank you, blog subjects, including George W., Darth Cheney, penguin narcs, barefooted Iraqi journalists, long-shot vice presidential candidates from the frozen north, and all the others who were mentioned here because they did something silly.

Thank you also to my readers all over the world. I appreciate your time, attention, and comments. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy my postings in the future.

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