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Friday, December 11, 2009

Sarah Goes to Iowa

Sarah Palin’s book tour for her memoir, Going Rogue, entered Iowa recently, which sent Republican pollsters into spasms of orgasms. They saw her appearance as an early - very, very early — chance to connect with Iowa voters who traditionally have one of the first primaries in the Presidential election year. I thought her appearance there was because someone at her publishing company realized, “Hey! They have bookstores in Iowa! Let’s send her there!”

Silly me! This logic only goes to show my massive ignorance of the publishing industry.

Still, who can blame the Republicans for their excitement? After all, the book tour now has all the trappings of a major political campaign. It has enthusiastic supporters, a private jet (on the publisher’s dime), a private bus (on the publisher’s nickel), a photographer who will allow Palin’s supporters to pose with her (at $15.95 a pop), and a huge media entourage! No, I’m kidding about the last part: the press has been banned from her book signing appearances!

This is incredible! How can Palin hope to reach out to her supporters who happen to be liberal (both of them) if she refuses to allow the liberal media to make fun...I mean, write articles on her political views? This is so unfair, particularly since we must consider that a ban on all media also means that quite possibly Fox News would be left out in the cold, too.

I fear that a public confrontation between Palin and journalists is on the horizon. Any day now we should expect to hear a reporter shouting into a bullhorn, “Sarah...Sarah Palin! This is the New York Times! We have the Barnes and Noble surrounded! Give yourself up and make a statement! Come out with your sound bites above your head!”

Ah, what happened to the fun-loving Sarah from 2008, when she jumped into the thick of the liberal fray and bopped around with a fake moose on Saturday Night Live? I guess she wants to be taken seriously now. After all, the news reports about her Iowa appearance quoted one pollster as saying that all politicians come to Iowa sooner or later.

Politician? Sarah Palin? Talk about padding a resume...

Yes, she did get elected to a few public offices and, on one occasion, she actually completed her term in office. For those of you keeping track at home, that would be when she was mayor of Wasilla, AK. Oh, wait, did she quit that one too to run for governor? (Ed. - No, a quick check on Wikipedia shows that she did indeed serve three full terms as mayor.)

(That last editor’s note is an example of being “fair and balanced”. Are you taking notes, Fox?)

In any case, I suppose she’ll be resigning from the book tour any day now. She’ll give no particular reason for her action other than she wants to seek a better platform to make a difference. Perhaps I can make a about a reality television show like Real Housewives of DC? Oh no, wait! I take that back! I never want to see her living anywhere near Washington!

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