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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Slogans for the Tea Party

Whereas this blog is an equal opportunity offender, and whereas we try to reach out to all groups regardless if we agree with their points of view, let it be known that the tea partiers can feel free to use the following suggestions for catchy slogans at their next rally.

“Shut up! We’re Right!”

“Small government = deregulation = bank failures! What’s the problem?"

“Hey! Ho! Cheers for the stagnant status quo!”

“Small government = deregulation = home foreclosures! What’s the problem?”

“Save our narrow minds!”

"Small government = deregulation = coal mine disasters! What’s the problem?”

“In Fox News we trust!”

“Medicare is good enough for us, but we don’t want to share!”

“Heil Limbaugh! Heil Beck! Heil Palin!”

(Thank you for reading. Please remember that bull is served instead of biscuits at tea parties now!)


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