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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

O’Donnell, BoDonnell, CoDonnell, DoDonnell...

And now a complete list of all the different spellings and mistakes made at Christine O’Donnell’s expense that I have made on this blog. I do this as both a public service and to rub it in her face what a loser she is.

1. Kathleen O’Donnell (A long overdue and belated thanks to Janey for catching this one.)

2. Christina O’Donnell (Caught by my editor.)

3. Sarah Palin (Okay, this might actually be more of a Freudian slip than a misspelling. Honestly, who could tell Palin and O’Donnell apart? They both have wacko extreme right-wing views on everything from abstinence to big government, and both have said the darnedest things in public.)

4. Lisa Murkowski (Again, more of a confusion of political philosophies than an actual misspelling.)

5. Leza Murkwsk

6. Murkowski O’Donnell

7. Officer Krupke (Worst misspelling of Christine O’Donnell that I ever wrote.)

8. Krupke O’Donnell

9. Willie Gillis, Jr. (No relation whatsoever to today’s subject. This is a recurring character found in Norman Rockwell’s work. I just needed another name to round out my usual list of nine names and or items.)

(Thank you for reading. Please remember, it’s “i” before “e” except after “c” and a million or so other exceptions.)


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