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Monday, June 12, 2006

Priorities Inside The Beltway

Let’s take stock of the problems facing our country today. Americans are dying in Iraq under questionable circumstances in both premise and goal. Global warming is bringing stronger storms to our shores and, among other potential natural disasters for mankind, allows poison ivy to flourish and strengthen in potency. The stock market is riding the roller coaster of rising oil prices and inflation fears.

And, as John Adams asked in the film version of 1776, “What burning issue are we voting on now?” Whether or not to prohibit two people of the same sex to be legally joined as a couple like all other adult couples in a mature, loving relationship. Apparently the boys and girls in Congress (and for that matter the Pennsylvania House) have nothing better to do with their time than to legalize discrimination.

Proponents of the amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman believe it will close the door on other laws allowing polygamy, bestiality and other sexual perversions. Okay, two can play the slippery slope game. So, where would this law lead to next? How about a ban on interracial marriage? Alabama would love to see that come back. Or could it lead to legislation banning marriage between two who do not share the same spiritual beliefs? If such a law had existed in 1959, then I would have never been born.

It would seem that the slippery slope arguments from both sides dwell at the extremes of irrational thought.

The whole idea is being written off as an attempt by the Bush administration to regain his conservative base. Earlier last week Bush spoke publicly about the need for this marriage amendment. Yet, as some members of the media have pointed out (Dick Polman in The Philadelphia Inquirer for one), the President has stated that he doesn’t want to see this proposal become law. Now if John Kerry had made such contradictory statements, he would be called a waffler and portrayed as a wind gauge changing his position with the political tides. Somehow the conservatives haven’t seen this with their boy in the White House, but they are showing their impatience with him.

This entire debate and energy boils down to convincing people to vote their way come November. Once again, it’s all about Bush’s low poll numbers. If this doesn’t work, then watch for the flag burning amendment idea to be revived again — just in time for the Fourth of July. I can’t help wondering what would happen if this effort was put toward solving a real problem.

To paraphrase John Adams again, “Good God!”


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