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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Post #100

Today, we hit a milestone with this, the 100th posting on my blog. No need for trumpets to sound, and I don’t need to have flower petals strewn in my path. We’re saving the petals for when Billy Wagner returns to the Phillies...not! I am not sure how many steady readers I have, and therefore I can’t be certain how much influence I’ve had in the blogosphere. However, I can give updates on a few items about which I’ve written.

One of my entries, “LIGHTS! ORGAN! EAGLE!” called for the formation of a community effort to save the Christmas light show in the old Wanamaker building. No such effort has surfaced (although many people are sending money to save Eakins “The Gross Clinic” from leaving town), but there is good news on the Christmas lights. The building is now part of the Macy’s chain who, as good corporate citizens, are bringing back not only the light show, but also another Philadelphia Christmas icon – the Dickens Christmas village! Go, Macy's!

Some of my other ideas have not borne any fruit yet. I have heard nothing about my suggestions for a stamp series honoring Benjamin Franklin, and likewise I have not heard any answers to my questions about “Gilligan’s Island.” Reverend Phelps is still alive and well, and making life miserable for the gay community and families with loved ones in Iraq. Maybe my request for an “accident” got lost somewhere in the cosmos. Still, I am hopeful that divine intervention will answer my prayer.

On the other hand, the Democrats did take back Congress. This gives me some hope for the next two years, when we will have to go to the polls again to pick a new president. In the meantime, I hope the new Congress holds the Bush administration accountable for their previous mistakes and misdeeds.

Of course the elections results were bittersweet for me. Two of my favorite targets, I mean subjects, George Allen and Rick Santorum, are among the lame duck Republicans leaving Congress. Their stupid political tricks made several blog entries so easy to write. I can imagine many editorial cartoonists will miss them as well. Political satire has such pitfalls, but someone else will surely step into the spotlight and entertain us with their comings and goings inside the Beltway.

Finally, I like to thank my loyal readers, some of who have taken the time to respond to my musings. Thank you, Damon, Karen, Brenda, Rob, John, Gina, and Sally. Last, but not least, I should thank my Mom for her continuing support. Please forgive me if you left a note and I didn’t acknowledge your contribution. I appreciate everyone’s support in my creative endeavors.

I suspect I have more readers in the blogosphere, but I don’t know them all by name. Don’t be shy, leave a message, or just say hello if the spirit moves you. So, until later, take care, and don’t believe everything Jerry Springer tells you.


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