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Friday, August 10, 2007

The Bush Infrastructure

President George W. Bush visited the site of the I-35W bridge disaster in Minneapolis earlier this week. I’m curious what he could’ve been thinking as he surveyed the wreckage. I’ll bet it didn’t occur to him that his own tax policies that have left little money to improve this country’s infrastructure had anything to do with this bridge collapse.

I don’t want to imply that George W. Bush’s administration has been a disaster for the United States. After all, why imply it when I can just come right out and say it. The Bush administration has been a disaster for the United States.

If you have any doubts about this statement, let’s revisit New Orleans where the levees broke during Hurricane Katrina. This infrastructure problem caused the flood and the widespread misery that is still present nearly two years since the storm hit. So much for Bush’s Jackson Square speech with all its good intentions.

These horrors can only be outdone by the disasters waiting to happen. One estimate states that there are 70,000 structurally deficient bridges in the country. Pennsylvania leads the list with 5,000 structures that need to be repaired. God only knows where the next bridge will fail, or when the money will be available to make repairs. These estimates don’t include other infrastructure areas like drinking supply, highways, sewage treatment plants and the country’s electrical system. All these areas are likewise in danger of breaking down on the American people.

The cost for all of this will likely be in the billions, oh hell, let’s go for trillions of dollars. The government would do well to start talking about the common good, and how all Americans can solve this problem together. Of course this talk would be a prelude to proposals for – Republicans, shield your eyes from these next two words – higher taxes!

Don’t worry about higher taxes just yet. It won’t happen in the present administration; Bush is too chicken to raise government revenue to make this country safer for its citizens. This makes me nostalgic for Bill Clinton, who left office with a big, fat government surplus that would’ve taken care of all of our needs if the money had been spent wisely.

The current batch of presidential candidates may want to start using the phrase “common good” more often. This will let people get used to the idea that, if they want to see improvements in our country, then everyone will have to contribute something to the effort. In the meantime Americans should probably practice holding their noses whenever they drink water, invest in lots of candles, and practice their swimming skills before they use another bridge in this country.


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