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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lessons Learned in the Political World

MEANWHILE...back at the ranch, first daughter and former underage drinking tabloid fodder, Jenna Bush, is married in a small, private ceremony attended by 200 friends and relatives. No hoopla, no paparazzi, and no high society overtones. The size and scope of the ceremony are treated with much respect in the American press. A few commentators note that it was very politically savvy to hold a small ceremony given the bad economic conditions in the country. It would not be prudent to throw a big shebang when many Americans are considering taking out a second mortgage to pay for a gallon of gasoline.

There is a second possibility regarding why the ceremony was small: Jenna may have been raised to reject the materialistic values of modern American society. Perhaps she is not into all that bling! If this is the case, then props to her parents for instilling a higher set of values into Jenna. Yes, I realize that I am saying something nice about the President, but we must attribute credit where it is due. Also, I think it demonstrates that this blog can be fair and balanced. I sincerely hope that the Fox News Network is taking notes.

MEANWHILE...back on the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton swamps Barack Obama in the West Virginia primary. Clinton celebrates her victory by vowing to fight on for the nomination. Obama takes the high road and doesn’t comment on Clinton’s win. Apparently he has learned from an earlier mistake the Clinton camp made about Obama’s winning in North Carolina.

During that earlier contest, former President Bill Clinton made the observation that Obama would easily take North Carolina, implying that the predominant black skin color of the electorate would back him. The backlash to these comments came quick. Obama could have stooped to this level and attributed Hillary’s win to the (stereotypical) notion that West Virginia’s voters are predominately white. No such thing happened, and the campaign goes on. I sincerely hope Bill Clinton is taking notes.

MEANWHILE...back on another part of the campaign trail, Senator John McCain vies for the Al Gore Sound-Alike Award by coming out against global warming. Stop the presses! This is earth-shattering news! A Republican is acknowledging the existence of mankind’s greatest ecological catastrophe!

There may be several reasons for this break from the Bush Administration. McCain may be saying all this to pander to swing voters. It would be too bad if this is the case, since all his hot air against global warming would, ironically, contribute to the problem. Or he may actually mean what he says. Okay, reality check: McCain is a Republican legislator from a western state. This type of politician has not – in the past – been terribly concerned about the environment, given that vast amounts of western land are not developed and are being held for conservation. I hope he means what he says; the environment needs all the friends it can get in Congress. I sincerely hope George W. is taking notes.

MEANWHILE...back in Myanmar, rescue efforts are finally underway to help the cyclone-stricken country. The Myanmar government caused the delay itself. I can understand hesitation at letting the United States in – look at all the good we’ve done in Iraq – but they could’ve allowed the United Nations to come in with food, medical, and building supplies. One report stated that the Myanmar government was more concerned with exporting its available rice crop for money than using it to feed the victims. Note to Myanmar government: who’s going to harvest next year's crop of rice if you allow all of your workers to die off this year?

I shudder to think that Myanmar’s indifference to its people could make the Bush Administration's post-Katrina efforts look like a rousing success! I can’t believe that any other country would look at the Bush response to New Orleans' troubles as a good case study on how to manage a disaster. Yet that does seem to be the case in Myanmar. I sincerely hope Michael Chertoff is taking notes.

MEANWHILE...the world goes on.


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