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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Oh, Obama! You’re No Fun Anymore!

This week marks the end of the Presidential primary season. The Democratic nomination is still hotly contested. As of today, I don’t know if either Obama or Clinton has enough delegates to clinch the nomination.* My question today is: what happened in California?

Somehow the California primary got by me; I don’t recall hearing the results. I asked Anne Marie about it; she didn’t know either. So how come this big, plump, juicy delegate prize got almost no coverage in the media? Oh that’s right, the media were too busy extracting another apology from Barack Obama.

It appears that once again someone exercised their First Amendment rights and said something wildly stupid while standing at the pulpit of Barack Obama’s church. Once this hit YouTube, the media clamored for an explanation. Their logic dictates that, since Obama is the church member with the highest profile right now, he should offer some excuse for the offending remarks. They expect this even though (a) he was nowhere in the vicinity when the remarks were made, and (b) his remarks or the speaker were not endorsed by Obama’s campaign.

The media – and the Fox News Network in particular – should get a life!

This time the offender was a Catholic priest, who claimed Senator Clinton felt that it is her right to be elected to the White House and how dare this black man (Obama) steal her show. Okay, first of all we should mention that it was a Catholic priest speaking in the pulpit of a Protestant church. I actually view this as a step in the right direction – Catholics and Protestants meeting on common ground. (Are you taking notes, Northern Ireland?) There used to be a time, not so long ago, when Catholic children were encouraged to avert their eyes whenever they walked by a Protestant edifice. Anne Marie was one of these children.

Okay, so we’re over this cultural shock of a priest on foreign ecumenical territory. However, we’re not over the outrageous statements he made there. Obama apparently felt it was his duty (again) to apologize for the remarks. He went one step further by severing ties with the church where he has worshipped for more than 20 years.

Way to go, national media! Not only have you created a tempest out of an insignificant event (again), but you’ve managed to place a wedge between a man and his religious beliefs. I doubt that you saw this as a total victory. After all, how much more fun will Obama be if he is no longer affiliated with this church? Admit it, you’re going to miss him whenever something outrageous happens at the church in the future. Or perhaps you’ll totally ignore the church now that it is no longer newsworthy.

Now that this is all behind us, perhaps Obama can talk about the issues and the problems facing Americans. Now there’s a novel idea, since he’s nearly a candidate for President. While he’s at it, maybe he can answer this: who won California?

*Okay, this was as of June 3, 2008 at 12:55PM EST


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