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Friday, May 21, 2010

Pennsylvania Primary Postmortem

Another primary season has ended, and what have the voters wrought? Whether or not the person you voted for won, there is always some morsel of truth to behold in a very profound philosophical light. Perhaps we’ll look for a lesson in the way events unfolded. Or perhaps the results will affirm some long held cherished beliefs that each of us has. Then, after we consider all of these ideas, we may find we can agree on one thing: that this has been the most pretentious introduction to my blog in quite awhile.

If you haven’t guessed by now, my candidate lost.

The biggest upset expected by almost no one except the pollsters was Arlen Specter’s defeat at the hands of Joe Sestak. After six terms in the US Senate, Specter was told by the voters of Pennsylvania that his services were no longer needed. It’s time for Arlen to pack it in and enjoy what time he has left.

Forget the idea that after six terms he probably felt he deserved to have the seat for life. Sorry, this isn’t the Supreme Court — although, now that I think about it, there is a seat open there. Hey, he does have a law degree...hmmm. All he has to do is sabotage Kagan’s nomination, which should be no problem considering what he did to Robert Bork. Then he can wage a hard fought campaign for the court seat himself. Just a thought...

I know it was very disappointing to lose the seat after such a brutal campaign in which the opponent cast aspersions on his character, but that’s politics! Consider this: Specter wasn’t the only one to lose on Tuesday. Look at Phillies pitcher Roy Halliday. He pitched the entire game and still lost because his teammates couldn’t muster up enough strength to score two more runs. Do you think the rest of his week has been any easier? Hell, no!

I know I tossed the pros and cons around last week about for whom to vote. I finally decided in favor of Specter, mainly because he had a record of doing something which very few politicians are willing to do today: work with the other side to keep this country moving forward. I overlooked the fact that he’s a really old guy who couldn’t make up his mind on which side of the aisle he wanted to sit, but hey, I’m indecisive too. What’s the big deal?

In the end, the voters decided it was a big deal. Now it’s time to move on and let some fresh blood take over. Now our experienced Senator is a lame duck and Joe Sestak advances to the fall election against the Republican Pat Toomey. Watch for a very ugly campaign in the fall.

Speaking of ugly, the Republican nomination for the next governor of Pennsylvania was awarded to state attorney general Tom Corbett. He’s already made a name for himself by joining the multi-state class action lawsuit against Obama’s health care regulations. They argue the mandated health care rule is unconstitutional and should be overturned, never mind that it could be the only chance many people will ever have of gaining quality health care.

In the days since his primary win, he’s come out swinging against the tweeters who are saying mean things about him. He wants names, addresses, Internet addresses of these offenders. Is that a preview of what he’ll be like as governor? Will he turn the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania into a police state?

My message to Corbett: grow up! You’re playing with the big boys now. Just ask Arlen Specter how nasty these contests can get. If you think those twitters were nasty, just wait until this fall!

(Thank you for reading. Thank you for voting...hope your man/woman won!)


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