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Monday, September 01, 2014

Program Note for Monday, September 1

Happy Labor Day, everyone! We hope everyone reading this is enjoying their long weekend!

Having said that, the management of this blog wishes to make the following announcement: This week, the part of Monday will be played by Tuesday. It is suggested, nay highly recommended, that anyone tempted to curse the hours out of Monday as they are wont to do at the beginning of the work week refrain and postpone their usual weekly routine until tomorrow. Therefore, today we shall hear no moaning, groaning, griping, hissing, and spitting (the last two predominately referencing any cats reading this blog), because this week Monday is free!

Shake your fist at Tuesday at will tomorrow for having the bad luck of following Monday. For tomorrow, Tuesday, will not be the nice, safe buffer between the dreaded Monday and the middle of the week (Wednesday), but rather will be the start of the terrible work week.
Thus the schedule for this week should be:

Monday – holiday, not a work day. Let us not hear any discouraging words today. (This goes double for you, Warrior Queen!)

Tuesday – to be treated this week as a normal Monday in an otherwise normal five day work week.

Wednesday – cursing Wednesday is right out!

For those reading this blog and residing in countries that are not celebrating Labor Day, then please proceed as you normally would.

Happy Monday!

(Thank you for reading. Five days until Warrior Queen’s birthday!)


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including this upcoming one !

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