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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

What I Should Have Said/Will Say on Social Media

I find so many things on Facebook which I share simply because it makes a point I feel is important to be made at that moment.  I’ll admit to Liking and Sharing the occasional snarky witticism which seems to be found on every inch of Facebook. Sometimes it will involve a video starring cute kittens or puppies, but more time as than not my Likes/Shares could be lumped in a category which I charitably call: “Jesus Christ!  The President is Really a Massive Douche Bag!”

We’re probably all familiar with the postings from such groups as Occupy Democrats or Blue Tsunami.  They will include some sort of factoid or a quote about Herr Orange or one of his like-minded followers, followed by an opposing point of view refuting the original statement.  These will be disseminated for all to see, share, like, and shred on the wonderful social media web sites. 

One of my old co-workers has apparently taken umbrage at some of the postings I have shared.  She has screamed, “GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT…” on several occasions.  Oh yeah, like she vets everything she posts on Facebook.   Doubtful, extremely doubtful.

So, in the future, I may have to include the following disclaimer just to keep the Facebook bullies at bay:

“Disclaimer:  This posting may or may not agree with your ideological, political or romanticized view point of life.  It is posted solely to convey and communicate a particular fact that the sender (moi) feels the need to be conveyed and/or communicated at this moment in time.  It is sent with full certainty and faith that the originator of this post exercised and undertook every protocol of fact checking and source verification that is a hallmark of modern journalism.  On this point we can certainly agree to disagree.”

“I will believe that this post is fully accurate solely because it makes sense and fits in with my view of life and issues, regardless of how twisted those views may be.  However, if my beliefs seem to conflict with what you believe to be true, we should not denigrate the other person.  In the future, we will endeavor to check the facts and verify the source of all forms of news, factoid and/or propaganda and supply all footnotes, bibliographic information pertinent to the post.  This will be done as time permits.”

Let me point out the key concept here: As time permits.  I can almost guarantee that will never happen.   After all I’m too busy scrolling through endless videos of cute kittens and puppies.  

Who has time to get their facts straight other than the journalists who dedicate (and in some countries sacrifice) their lives to keeping us informed about the world around us.  Yes, the same people who are labeled as “fake news” propagandists by the same people who insist that WE got our facts straight!

As the late Sam Kinison might have screamed, “AGHHHHH!  AGHHHH!”

(Thank you for reading.  And this goes for the social media bullies too!)


Blogger Dave R said...

You forgot the Facebook babies. It's cute kittens, puppies, and babies.

February 3, 2018 at 7:51 PM  
Blogger the dogs' mother said...

I read over on Bob's Sunday Funnies you did your master's thesis on the cartoons re Nixon.
When my youngest, most dyslexic son was in 6th grade I turned his Ancient Civ book into cartoons and illustrations. Interestingly he is 28 now and in various startups but I still remember all the information.

February 4, 2018 at 9:31 AM  

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