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Friday, April 07, 2006

You're No Fun Anymore, Tom DeLay!

Why did you have to do it? Why did you have to get noble all of a sudden and resign from Congress? Gee whiz, the liberal media had so many plans for you this summer, and you've spoiled everything. Who will be the poster boy for everything that's wrong with Congress now? My wife believes we'll find somebody else, but it won't be you.

You had it all: the arrogant swagger that comes with absolute power and the almost overnight fall from grace. It was political high drama fit for a television mini-series! I was ready to celebrate the erosion of power that the GOP is experiencing, but I'm not popping the cork on the champagne yet. You've bowed out before the full drama has played out. You've committed scandalous interruptus!

I know I will survive this, but I'm not so sure about some others. One is my cat, Meredith. She was so looking forward to batting around your reputation like it was one of her furry mouse toys. She was going to chew the felt tail off, throw it around so that it bounces in and out of her water dish, then chew the fur off so that all that is left is the hollow, plastic shell that was once your political career. I don't know how I'll snap her out of this disappointment. I may have to give her an extra helping of cat treats!

Of whom were you thinking when you decided to step out of the spotlight? Yourself and the GOP? Did you think about the journalists and the liberal newspaper columnists? How will they sell their papers? They have next to nothing to report now, given how my morning newspaper keeps shrinking in size, yet the subscription price remains the same. Then what about the political cartoonists...the cartoonists, oh no! What will they do? They won't have any subjects to draw this summer! They'll be forced to set up stands in malls around the country and draw caricatures of the shoppers passing by. Did you think about them? I'll bet you didn't give them a second thought!

I want you to know that your resignation was a very selfish act! I just hope you can live with yourself! Oh, I have to go now; Daddy's coming, Meredith!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out Clay Bennet's cartoon for 4/11/06 and enjoy.

Catawissa lady again

April 11, 2006 at 3:30 PM  

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