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Saturday, August 18, 2007

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedershen to Karl Rove

Deputy Presidential adviser Karl Rove announced his resignation last Monday, expressing a desire to spend more time with his family. Translation: “Wow! That last subpoena was pretty close! I better high-tail it back to Texas while I still have a good-looking resume.”

I write this today not to praise Karl Rove, but to bury him in a very deep hole. I have in mind a hole so deep that his brand of partisan politics doesn’t bubble up its toxic sludge for at least a few years. His partisanship sunk any reform needed for Social Security, stifled any compromise on the war in Iraq, and he is probably also responsible for everyone’s cable going down during the last moments of the final episode of “The Sopranos.” Yes, his influence was felt in more ways than we will ever know.

The news of his imminent departure drew praise and ire for his accomplishments. President Bush lauded his friend for their work together to serve America. Current Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards was quoted as saying simply, “Good bye, good riddance!” Can’t you just feel the love for this man?

As for myself, I have mixed feelings about this. I’m happy that he’s leaving, but I wish he had done it about six years sooner. On the other hand, Rove and Cheney appear to be the real brains of the Bush administration. If the Bush people were doing stupid things before, what are they going to be like with half of their brain trust gone?

Rove’s leaving voluntarily also deprives his critics of fulfilling their fantasy. Namely, dragging the SOB out of the White House by his gonads, and over to Lafayette Square where he would be drawn and quartered. Oh well, I’m sure the Democratic Congress will try their best to make him answer to any misdeeds he may have committed while in office. There may not be any blood spilled on Pennsylvania Avenue, but perhaps a few legacies will be tarnished.

The timing of Rove’s departure seems a bit strange. The Gonzales debacle has quieted down in the media, but this could be chalked up to the normal summer recess Congress takes to escape the heat of a typical Washington August. It is quite possible that something new is about to explode in the face of the Bush administration, and Karl wants to be a safe distance away when the bomb goes off.

We may not have seen the last of the ole turd blossom yet...


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