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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

“For No One”...and Everyone

Beatles songs are ubiquitous — you can hear them everywhere, and they are suitable for a myriad of occasions. With this in mind, we dedicate the following Beatles songs to some of our favorite people who keep our lives interesting. For example...

The American banking industry, which has accepted untold billions of stimulus money from the federal government to save their bacon, while still handing out millions in bonus pork to their executives, while hogging any and all profits from loan-starved consumers...yes, you guessed it: Piggies.

For Tiger Woods, who delivered a heart-felt apology to all who were offended by his extra-marital behavior: We Can Work It Out.

For President Obama, who will seek bipartisanship on his health reform proposals later this week: With a Little Help From My Friends.

For NASA, who are counting down their last four space shuttle launches to the space station; and finding no more money budgeted for further endeavors along these lines, will look to the stars with a longing, burning desire for long distance space travel. Not today, then perhaps some day: Across The Universe.

For the Lower Merion School District, who are now facing legal action for their alleged use of school-issued lap top computers to spy on their students at home: I’m Looking Through You.

For millions of television viewers who will anxiously stay up to see Jay Leno’s return to the Tonight Show within a few weeks: I’m So Tired.

For the Democrats in Congress who can’t act as a unified unit to get President Obama’s domestic agenda passed: Nowhere Man.

For the Republicans in Congress who are putting their own interests ahead of the common good of the American people — the same people who voted them into office in the first place: Fool On The Hill.

For Toyota, who suddenly find more of their products in the shops than on the roads because of various brake and accelerator problems: Drive My Car.

(Thank you for reading. Please remember the proper use of the word “ubiquitous”, because I can’t.)


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