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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Proposed Cure for Political Ad Hangover

Another election season has come and gone, and depending on your political persuasion you are either jumping for joy, or sulking in the bittersweet taste of democracy. Regardless, the political ads, negative campaigning and mud slinging are gone for another year. You know the ones to which I’m referring - the ads that make “The Jerry Springer Show” look like “The Wonderful World of Disney”? In case you’re suffering from the political ad overload, then I suggest you sing the lyrics printed below to the tune of “Happy Days Are Here Again.”*

Sing the song over and over until (a) the feeling of political nausea subsides, or (b) someone close to you beats you senseless with the nearest object they can find because they are sick and tired of hearing you sing this song over and over. In either case, the memory of all those attack ads will be a distant memory, if you remember anything at all. Please note: some of the lyrics have been changed to suit this situation. Sing loud! Sing proud!

Happy days are here again!
No more mud on my tv screen.
I won’t hear any more pols a’scream!
Happy days are here again!

Radio ads called the other a liar,
All they did was throw nasty logs on the fire,
Now I won’t have to listen to things so dire!
Happy days are here again!

The ads and posters will soon be gone,
Their empty promises we can shun,
Until the next election!
Happy days are here again!

Media's bright and clear again,
Let us sing in harmony again,
Happy ads!
Happy words!
Happy days are here again!

*With sincere apologies to the author, Benny Menoff.


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