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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cool Thoughts

As we swelter through another southeastern Pennsylvania heat wave, it is probably best to keep those cool thoughts in mind. We could start with images of winter - the polar opposite of the current hot season.

Images immediately leap to mind from the music of the season. We could start with The Christmas Song with its reminder that "Jack Frost is nipping at our nose." There are also the "chestnuts roasting on an open fire", which adds to the comfortable, homey feeling of the season.

Hmmm...roasting, fire, heat, sweat, sweltering...okay, let's forget The Christmas Song.

How about the candy cane? A sweet, seasonal confection with its minty flavors bursting forth in our mouths as we bite down hard on its stick. Certainly you can sense the refreshing feeling it can bring just by imagining this scene in your mind.'s very hot, and the candy cane would melt in your hands. Eww! All sticky and yucky, it would get on everything you touch. Even the moist towelettes you use to clean yourself would stick to your hands. Okay, redline the candy canes.

How about a winter storm? Let's imagine the worst possible kind with blowing, drifting snow, and the wind howling past the aluminum siding of your house. The snow would accumulate, pile up, snap tree branches and power lines, causing blackouts and energy shortages. No energy to heat your house! You'd shiver even covered with every blanket in the house. Ah, now you're missing this summer heat, aren't you?

I guess it's up to each one of us to think of ways to keep ourselves cool. There is no way one person can suggest any one universal image that will make everyone feel comfortable. As for me, I would think of my favorite winter drink: a nice, tall glass of iced tea! Yes, iced tea all year long! Iced's not just for summer anymore!


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