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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Paul Revere Who?

Listen my children and you shall hear,
About the midnight ride of Paul Revere,
Or maybe not!

What was once accepted historical legend
Is now nothing more than stupefying hyperbole
That bends with the political wind!

It started with a bus tour by a woman named Sarah
Who once ruled a cold northern land; so barren
From the Aleutians to Point Barrow!

Now she’s found a larger stage saying things outrageous
Which won’t help her win political races
But just the same makes her sound so courageous!

Never mind the facts, she might cry,
A good story to tea party brethren should be a good story to all,
Only those with half a brain can see through the lie!

Thus, with a bus stop in Boston, she recounted the story of Paul Revere’s ride
Forget one if by land, scoff at two if by sea,
And create her own version with gaps in the truth that is Alaska-size wide!

Scores and scores of years ago, Longfellow spelled out the incident in rhyme,
His take could have been as questionable as a woman named Palin,
But school children believed his words; only historians could be heard wailin’!

So now we ask which is right?
Did Revere ride through the countryside,
Screaming and peeling bells through the night?

Sarah believes this version is true
How Revere warned the Redcoats,
And not the colonists clad in blue!

So arguments ensue in barrooms and blog rooms throughout the land
Who to believe — the actual events, or a children’s poet?
When it comes to America’s story, maybe we really don’t know it!

It doesn’t matter; Sarah’s work is done!
She has accomplished her goal to leave her name on everyone’s lips,
While she confounds those who want her to run!

So, proud of the confusion she leaves in her wake, Sarah rides into the sunset!
Her followers think, “So wonderful this woman, gallant and true!”
While her critics sigh, “My God! How much longer will we put up with this nut?”

(Thank you for reading! Now “dash away, dash away, dash away all!”)


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