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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Sunday Morning Post, Vol 3, #36 - Still Not Much to See Here

 Happy Halloween All!

I don't have much to report this week, medical wise.  I hope to know more this time next week.   In any case today we shall celebrate the day as best we can.

The blogosphere seems to be divided on how to mark the day.  One side is going with old tried and true videos of Halloween classics.  Then there is the Rocky Horror Picture Show camp.

Aw, camp!  Where would we be without camp?

A few people have already posted The Time Warp.  I  will post the number sure to get the pearl-clutchers upset.   Warrior Queen would have wanted to poke that pot,  among other things.

Sure, it's a bit tame now, but I know my audience.

Please enjoy the day and stay safe!

(Thank you for reading.)

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Sunday Morning Post Vol. 3, # 35: Not Much to See Here This Week

My mind is totally void of blog ideas this week.  My younger brother just left for home after spending the night here and helping me with a project or two.  Today I will do what I can.   This week I have a few medical appointments and an appointment at the bank to set up an account for Anne Marie's estate.   Otherwise another week to work from home.

I don't want to alarm anyone at this stage, but I will give this bit of news to the blogosphere:  there is a bone marrow biopsy in my future.  I hope it happens soon.  I am having more episodes of fatigue and just no energy.  I want to find out if I am having more than just anemia.

I'll keep everyone posted, no matter what.

In the meantime, I'm in the mood for more Elton John.  This selection is relaxing and hauntingly beautiful.  And yes, I do know the back story for this song.



(As always, thank you  for reading and listening.)


Friday, October 15, 2021

A Rare Friday Post: At 62

I am 62 today.  In past years it would mean a nice card from  Anne Marie, something to unwrap, and a dinner out.   This year...62 is just a number.

I am 62 today, and a changed man from the one I was many years ago. I suppose I have been always been a moody person, but it only took one person to change all that.  She awakened so much passion within me which I never realized existed inside.  For now the passions are stored away again, waiting for someone or something else to unpack them.  I am grateful and sad at the same time.

I know my present moodiness needs to be dealt with.  I know I need to experience this so that I can fully appreciate happiness again when it happens.  

A blogger nod to fellow birthday companion Raybeard.  I hope he is back for a while.  Happy Birthday, Raybeard.  And I will try to do the same.  Please visit him here:

Yes, this song, for obvious reasons.

(Thank you for reading and listening.)

Friday, October 08, 2021

Abba Dance Party: Strike Three

We end our multi-week Abba tribute with songs that may not have been danceable, but memorable none the less.

Besides you can only needle a spirit for so long.

Voulez Vous

A catchy melody so long ago on my AM station so far away.




Super Trouper

Yes, an international hit about a spot light.   Go figure!

I had to run a super trouper when Dave Mason sang at my college.  It was extra money I earned, even though I never ran a spot light for a show before.  And I have never run a spot light again since that night.

The spot light I was given was a bit cantankerous.  The light was not created by a filament, but rather by an arc of electricity emitted between two carbon rods.  In this case the rods ran unevenly and I would have to shut down every 10 minutes or so to put in another rod.

The experience was not pretty,  the roadies decided to dispense with my services after about 30 minutes,  and the concert was cursed any way.  Mason had a sore throat and cut his performance short.  Ever the professional he would return at a later date to give ticket holders their money's worth.

 The Winner Takes It All

Well, we had to know the party would have to end someday.  This one hit a certain chord with me.  My heart had been broken before, but that year the pain was more unbearable than ever. Little did I realize what I would be feeling now...

 It was released in the summer of 1980, but really got a lot of airplay that winter.  It was a bad winter not just for Abba, but also for the rest of humanity.  When it was over we had lost John Lennon and Abba was losing its innocence.

The song was written in the aftermath of the break up of Bjorn and Agnetha,  but everyone agreed there were no winners in that event.



When All Is Said and Done

A song written about the other half of Abba breaking up.   Aw, well.  It was all very nice for a while.

(Thank you for reading, listening, dancing and whatever you want to do to enjoy the life we have while we have it.)

Saturday, October 02, 2021

Saturday Night Post, Vol. 3, #34: And The Secret Word Is....

I have no particular thoughts this week.  I can't think of anything to commit to the blogosphere.  I am also in one of my  "No-Hurry-To-Be-Anywhere Moods".

These have been happening a lot lately, but we will soldier on.

As it happens today is the 131st anniversary of the birth of Julius Henry Marx, or Groucho to the rest of us.  I cannot escape the day without a small tribute who made me (and so many others)
laugh so much over the years.

My tribute is not your typical Groucho Marx encounter:  it is in total silence.  No rapid fire puns or insults.  Just blissful silence.

Sometimes silence says more than every word that mankind has ever published. 

(Thank you for reading and laughing!)