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Saturday, August 12, 2017

We’re Not Heavy…

I have spent a few hours today playing with my new toy: a new computer.  The old one was ten years old, ran slow, and seemed to encourage my display of colorful language against old, slow computers.  I know it will take me awhile to find all of my new features, but for now I’ve been giving my new computer speakers a work out going through some classic rock and roll selections on YouTube.

Events of the day outside my living room have compelled me to post a Saturday night video.  A Klan rally in Charlottesville, VA got ugly today.  It brought out the usual counter protests, but this time the Klan resorted to violence.  At last count there was one dead and anywhere from seven to nineteen injured.

This event is still in media parlance a breaking story.   It will surely evolve into perhaps the defining moment of our era.  This may very well be our Kent State.

As if the horror of the event was not enough, the country’s leadership seemed to fall short of actually displaying leadership.  The President spoke out against the violence and called for unity as any previous presidents have done, buuuutttttt…once again his sentiment seemed to lack sincerity.

Then there were the words of former Klan leader David Duke giving full-throated endorsement of the President’s promise to take America back.  Thank you, Mr. Duke for giving us liberals more ammunition to lob at the President.  The President needs encouragement from you like he needs another asshole.

Anyway, the events of the day and my computer speaker test led me through some interesting trips down memory lane.   I found and played The Fortunes, You’ve Got Your Troubles, I’ve Got Mine…The Tremeloes Here Comes My Baby…Marmalade Reflections of My Life…Four Jacks and a Jill Master Jack…Buffalo Springfield For What’s It Worth…The Mike Curb Congregation Burning Bridges...

Then I decided on this one from The Hollies.  It was an anthem of the Woodstock Generation, and lord knows, everyone in America needs to listen and take all these words to heart…NOW!

(Thank you for reading…and listening.)

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

And It Was Nice Knowing Y’all

Apologies to my readers for my delay for this entry, but my detention in the Bernie Sanders ward at the FDR Sanitarium for Left-Leaning Liberals was longer than I originally expected.  Oh, I wasn’t in isolation all weekend.  I was granted a day pass to attend a town hall meeting with Warrior Queen to meet our House
Representative Brendan Boyle (D).

Boyle is a young man of forty, and extremely articulate in the ways of federal legislation.  The meeting was cordial, civilized and respectful, unlike meetings which Republican congress people have held with their public.  There were no protestors present and no shouting down the host by angry constituents.  In other words, it was democracy in action as it was intended to be.  Unfortunately this meant the local media had very little to report: civilized meetings are so ho-hum on the 11:00 o’clock news and draw very few shares on YouTube.

The meeting began with a few members from the local American Legion leading those in attendance in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Even Warrior Queen stood and placed her hand on her breast.  Naturally she couldn’t resist raising a fist in deference to the Resistance at the end, but I don’t know if anyone noticed her
additional gesture.

So the town hall might have been a bust for the radio and television station that showed up to record the event, but otherwise it was very informative.  We affirmed that Boyle’s position on the issues were in synch with ours.  He reassured us that the cries of Social Security being imminently insolvent is not true (we are fully funded until 2037); he is a big supporter of LGBTQ rights, and does not see any way we could have a do over the 2016 election.  Even if we prove that Russia did irremovable interfered in our election, it would not be a good idea to have a second election for 2016.   It could backfire (Trump could conceivably get more popular votes on a do over election) and besides the Constitution won’t allow it.

In contrast to the quiet civility of the town hall meeting we are now dealing with the saber rattling between two immensely mentally disturbed individuals: Kim Jung Un and our President.   There is something terribly wrong when our American leader uses terms like “fire and fury” in a public statement against a potential belligerent.  Now this is something to warm the ratings of the media and YouTube.

Just to put this all in perspective, what if Kennedy had a different reaction when he learned that the USSR had placed missiles in Cuba in 1962.  Instead of pursuing the behind the scenes give-and-take negotiations of diplomacy to avert the crisis, what if he just went on national television and said, “Bring it on, Nikita!”   Chances are the world would not have existed long enough to see 1963.

If the President was a reader I would suggest that he read John Hersey’s Hiroshima while he motors between golf holes in his cart.  It’s a short book, should not be too terribly taxing on his short-attention span thinking, and presents a good once-and-for-all argument against ever using nuclear weapons again.  If only he were a reader and not a Twitter writer...

So just in case the shouting back and forth between America and North Korea gets worse and escalates to the worst case scenario for mankind, let me conclude with this sentiment.

It was nice knowing y’all!
(Thank for reading.  In this space next week, a handy list of potable water sources in a post-nuclear apocalypse world.)

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

My Favorite Republicans

The scene: a therapy session for Liberals at the FDR Clinic for Social Progress (Jimmy Carter Wing):

Me:  Hi, my name is Todd…

Group: Hi, Todd…

Me: And, um, okay I’m a liberal Democrat who likes a few Republican conservatives…

Group: Gasp!

Group Moderator: Calm down, everyone.

Me:  No, wait hear me out.  I do like a few of them. Trust me, it’s a very short list and its membership is fluid.   I mean the people on my list drop off and added back on at anytime depending on their actions on that particular day.  Anyway, if you will indulge me for a moment or two, I would like to confess that, yes, there are a few conservatives I admire.

Group: (General grumbling).

Me:  Anyway, one Republican who is not on the list is Abraham Lincoln.  He’s not there because hey, who doesn’t like Lincoln?  I daresay that given the Republican Party’s position on slavery then (FYI, at that time they were against it) that I would have been a Republican too!  Although that assumes that living in the 19th century I would possess the same 20th century sensibilities, but I probably shouldn’t assume that.

Another Republican I like is Bob Dole.  Remember him?  Most of my admiration for him comes from the way he rose through the ranks of society to become a Senator.  I see him as the typical Horatio Alger hero who started in a company’s mailroom and worked hard to gain a position of power.  Only in Dole’s case his company was the United States and the mailroom the Armed Forces.  He was severely wounded in serving his country and, after recovering, continued his career in public service.

Yes, true he did tow the party line more times than I would’ve liked.  Despite his years of service I did not feel compelled to vote for him when he ran against Bill Clinton in 1996.   He was backed by too many of those right wing extremist evangelicals back then for my political taste.  Still, I admire how he rose through the ranks of “the company” to serve his country.

Now that brings me to the latest liberal hero, John McCain.  Yes, I have disagreed with him in the past and even questioned if he was senile during his run against Obama in 2008.  Let’s admit it!  We all thought he was suffering from dementia when he choose that loopy broad from the Great White North as his running mate, if I may be allowed a brief moment of Frank Sinatra like misogyny.

Recently though he has taken hell from the liberal end of social media for voting to allow the Senate’s version of the repeal and replace the ACA to come to the Senate floor for debate.  I thought this was good because at least the Democrats might have a fighting chance to introduce amendments to this bill that would throw millions of Americans off their health insurance. 

Then the President and his Republican colleagues counted on him to vote with the bill.  Wrong!  The Maverick struck again!  He voted for country over party lines.  His vote defeated the repeal effort…for now.

Keep in mind that he returned from his home state where he was being treated for brain cancer.  Imagine interrupting his treatment to cast the deciding vote on a bill that directly affects one-fifth of the American economy!  That took courage!  And this is years after his service in Vietnam where he was taken prisoner and endured years of abuse at the hands of the Vietcong.  How many of us would do that for our country!

Group Moderator:  That’s all very commendable, Todd, but we can’t help noticing a crack in your full loyalty to liberal causes.

Me:  We have to reach across the aisle sometime!  That’s what democracy is all about!

Group:  Rehabilitate him!  Re-educate him!

Me:  No, wait.  I still have serious liberal cred!

Group Moderator:  Hmm…we might have room for you in the Bernie Sanders ward.

Me: I never liked Nixon!

Group (in unison):  Re-educate!  Re-educate!

Me:   Ummm…Barry Goldwater was a jerk!

Group Moderator:  Yes, let’s put you in the Sanders room for awhile.

Me:  Let’s hear it for Alger Hiss!

Group Moderator:  Security!

(Thank you for reading.  A now a nice time out...)